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Homoeopathic HelpLine Welfare Organisation

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Donation needed for free treatment of the poor people

Dear all,

Please send your donation, zakah & other charities to the Homoeopathic HelpLine Welfare Organisation for the free treatment of the poor people. This is a social service organisation run by more than one hundred dedicated benevolent homeopathic practitioner.

This organisation was founded on 3rd May 2002 by Dr. Shahidur Rahman, the most influential and renowned teacher of homeopathy in Bangladesh. We provide free consultation and free medicine to the poor people. We have treated 23,000 (twenty three thousand) people suffering from various acute and chronic diseases since May 2002.

Presently we are running only one (free treatment) centre at Afa homoeo centre, Khilgao, Dhaka. The free treatment program of this charitable organisation were run by the member’s personal contribution all these days. But now we are trying to raise our fund from the charities of generous persons & organizations.

Our primary goal is to establish more centres in every part of this densely populated Dhaka city. And our next target is to expand our program to every part of Bangladesh. We are expecting your maximum support & suggestions for the sick people.

with regards
Dr. Shahidur Rahman

Homoeopathic HelpLine Welfare Organisation
gov. reg. no.- dha-08051
saving a/c no.- 34194673
Janata Bank Limited
(local office)
01 Dilkusha c/a,

HelpLine office
Dr. S. M. Jahangir Alam
Afa homoeo centre
761/A Khilgao
Road no.- 23
ph : +880-7219362
E-mail : homoeopathicHelpLine@yahoo.com
Website: http://homoeopathicHelpLine.blogspot.com http://www.flickr.com/photos/homoeopathic_helpline/


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