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Information about homeopathic education in Bangladesh

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Dear all,

There are thirty-eight homeopathic medical college & hospital in Bangladesh legislated under (a govt. organisation) BANGLADESH HOMEOPATHY BOARD, DHAKA. One of them are govt. & rest of all are private medical college. There are three medical colleges alone in Dhaka city.

There are two courses on homeopathy in Bangladesh. One of them is B.H.M.S. (Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine & Surgery) and other is D.H.M.S. (Diploma of Homeopathic Medicine & Surgery). Diploma course is conducted by BANGLADESH HOMEOPATHY BOARD & the graduation course is conducted by the UNIVERSITY OF DHAKA.

You need S.S.C. certificate from any group (science, arts & commerce) to get admitted to D.H.M.S. course & S.S.C. plus H.S.C. from science group for getting admitted to B.H.M.S. course. D.H.M.S. can be done at any age but B.H.M.S. needs to be fresh student.

Most of the colleges also run D.H.M.S. course in night-shift for the service-holders/ professional guys. The D.H.M.S. course is of four and a half years duration, on the contrary the B.H.M.S. course is of five and a half years duration. After completion of any one course you will get govt. registration to practice homeopathy within Bangladesh. You can even join the govt. health service, B.C.S. (health) cadre after the completion of B.H.M.S. Best regards Bashir

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  1. very beneficial information

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