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Swine Flu- Made in America ?

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Swine Flu- Made in America?

Shelley Penney is a retired registered nurse who has spent a decade researching natural wellness alternatives. Shelley now spends her time researching and commenting on current health issues. You can find some of Shelley’s recommendations, including her choice for Zeolite and Agaricus Blazei at http://www.HealthyAgingSho p.com Shelley is following the current Swine Flu crisis at http://www.SwineFlu- Information. com

Was Swine Flu Manufactured in a Lab?
The longer we have to observe the FAUX-Pandemic the more convinced I am that this was a virus, genetically engineered and dropped in Mexico City. The likelihood is that it was released in a busy mall, arena, or station somewhere where there were a LOT of people. It was fanned through ventilation systems, where people breathed it in over a period of time and then left and went home to there communities in Mexico.

Why do I think that? It’s simle really. There have been a large number of people, mostly young adults, sick and/or dying. Certainly all of the severe cases have been in Mexico, and the large numbers and sickest patients all quite close to one another.

The center of the drop is where you would find the most and the sickest.

Then there is the second group.. the people who get sick from someone else who was sick. The virus is ALREADY showing signs of dropping off. This to me indicates that swine flu is WEAKENED by transmission from person to person.

This website reports that the Spanish Flu of 1918 and this Influenza A H1N1 Swine WHO Flu are “strikingly similar”

Swine Flu Eerily Similar to Spanish Influenza
Swine flu continues to affect Mexico, the United States and other countries around the world. The outbreak has confounded experts who wonder how the flu is spreading and what it will do next.

One possibility is that the flu could behave like the 1918 Spanish influenza—a terrifying prospect as estimates put the death toll from that flu strain at anywhere from 20 to 50 million, or more.

There are striking similarities between the two outbreaks. Swine flu, like the 1918 pandemic, began in the spring. Both outbreaks have also mostly been reported in healthy adults; the elderly and the very young, usually the hardest hit by the flu, have not been significantly affected.

OK well that doesn’t seem so “EERIE” to me. They are both viruses and they both seemed to start quickly. THAT is where the similarity ended. The Spanis Flu pandemic of 1918 started spreading and picked up steam, killing more and more people as it moved.

The Swine WHO Flu of 2009 started in Mexico, killed a bunch of people and seems to not be able to sustain itself in a human host long enough to be more that a sniffle and a sore throat.

Historical Context – The Spanish Flu

In 1918, the flu did not immediately incite hysteria. According to PBS, a Spanish wire service announced late that spring that “A strange form of disease of epidemic character has appeared in Madrid,” but that “The epidemic is of a mild nature, no deaths having been reported.”

But the Spanish flu didn’t remain mild, to say the least. As summer became fall, the flu—which had at first seemed “benign as the common cold,” according to a Stanford University report—changed. People began to die around the world in huge numbers, most likely due to a mutation in its makeup, making it more virulent.

Compare that to what is happening now. A virulent flu which at first seemed like it was going to kill everyone in sight, has fizzled out to nothing.

To me all signs point to this being a designer virus made in a lab somewhere and dropped in Mexico either as a test for something bigger and better to come, or simply as a weapon of mass deception and confusion. Panic on top of economic hardship. Manipulation at it’s finest.

Do you find that strange?

If you don’t think that governments would intentionally spray or test anything on humans then think again. You really need to watch this YouTube video on ChemTrails – It may not convince you but it should get you thinking. OK I know only wierdos talk about chem trails but this is a news story with real laboratory confirmed testing of what falls. It’s a very short clip worth watching.



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