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Overcoming internet addiction

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Overcoming internet addiction

By Shahidul K K Shuvra

Cyber ignorant parents often misunderstand their children’s overstaying with computer for surfing. They wrongly think spending time in the cyber space always educate them. Mother of Shohan Ahmed Porag, a student of class nine, spoke to The Independent with a happy simile. She said, my son knows every thing of computer from the age of nine. He solves internet related all the problems of us.
The Independent asked her what is the last result of her son in his school. She said with a disappointing tone that her son is not getting good marks in the exams. She guessed his school failed to judge merit of her son.
Too much addiction to the internet is a threat to the natural development of surfers. Internet users have been increasing for the demand of Digital World. To sustain in the competitive world with receiving required knowledge every one needs cyber knowledge. However, instead of knowledge many surfers are spending time on the net for the addiction and obsessions.
Especially students are more vulnerable to the addiction which is taking away much of their time and energy. They are spoiling their study for overstaying at the fun sites.
This corespondent of The Independent joined with the boy to surf the Net and found he is all the time chatting with yahoo messenger and clicking on facebook. Pathologically he has obsession to the cyber friends for fun and he likes to escape household chores.
Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD) rose from over surfing, abnormally browsing the Net like exchanging cyber dirty words and teasing, ‘pathological computer use’ and excessive gluing to PCs that hampers daily life. Ivan Goldberg proposed IAD in 1995 to describe the pathological problem.
Mother of Arif Hossain, 14 years old, alleged his son is sleeping at late night and he can’t attend his school at right time. He is tirelessly attached to the computer screen. He was not that before internet coming in home. He is suspected patient of IAD.
People are hypnotised with Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia, Twitter and Myspace to get pleasure and overstaying on there are causing losses of core Taka. Our productivity at work is declining for over surfing the wall of facebook and checking out our favourite blogs.
As a birthday gift a Black Berry mobile phone was given to Sohail Arman whose father is a businessman, he preferred the phone for his beloved 17 years old son. The Independent communicated him, he mentioned his son every minute checks his online status, he does it even he is in dinning room and bathroom, everywhere he is carrying his phone with the internet connection. His father is concerned for watching his son is passing time at the study room with keeping eyes on the mobile phone.
Internet with mobile phone is a tool for a busy businessman. If you often see your mobile phone without business communication, just involuntarily check messenger, facebook, twitter etc that indicate you should test the addiction level.
It has been reported that many offices blocked social networking sites for negligence of works of staffs who are preferring the sites more than doing office works. Before the social networking sites some employees inspired surfing the Net for gathering knowledge and keeping in touch with the colleagues, partners and clients.
Facebook has panoramic features to find old friends, to attend social events, enjoying video clips, playing games and earning money with online marketing. Such social networking sites are reducing the alienation problems of the last century. New social orders are on the creation and new problems are concerning us. If you forget your daily life and be irresponsible to your profession means it is a matter of concern. Being in touch with online friends can black out friends from your real life.
Internet addictions are common among the students and teenagers, free Internet access, availability of internet can be a reason of inspiring the obsession. Much stayers on the net sometimes are suggested to visit psychologists for psychotherapy.
Even mature people are addicted to internet and facebook. Mahmud Hossain, a 31 year old man working in a government office, said- he has developed a immense patience to project his eyes on the monitor screen till 4 am, so hurriedly I am attending office at morning and again longing on the messenger. Without internet I feel my life is virtually paralysed.
Working at online is not always addiction to internet. For profession and for the benefits of yourself internet is essential. You can test yourself own obsession level if you hear you have an addiction to internet. If your mates, coworkers or family members have made comments that you are over using the net, so you should test whether you are addicted or not.
If you ever late in attending office, meeting and assignment for delaying sign out of internet that means you are addicted to internet web options. If you ever found yourself getting very uneasy not to get your a facebook friend on the list. Without emergency talk you spent hours to wait for the friend. It should be a matter of concern for you. Out of stress if you tease someone or sent cyber abusive words means you are not mentally sound and most of time staying on the peoples’ personal information can distort your nature. Privacy breaking is a part of mental disorder if you are browsing personal information of other only for pleasure.
Curing internet addiction is a new field of psychology. Every day a big numbers of addicted person are been breeding in the cyberspace. Soon we will have remarkable cyber citizens and a big part of it will be obviously internet addicted that addiction should be cured by trained psychologists; sociologists should address the problem on time. In addition, before the cyber obsession havoc we should aware the netizens about the internet addiction. 11 December 2009



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