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How I can increase my penis length


How I can increase my penis length
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2010 21:10:51 -0700
From: cloth3uk@ymail.com
Subject: problem
To: Bashirmahmudellias@hotmail.com

Dear Sir,
I got your e-mail id through website.

Sir, I am 31years old and married. I am also a patient of Peptic ulcer. I took operation at 1996 for ulcer.

Now my problem is my penis in only 10cm length. I cant satisfy my wife at all. All others ok. I feel so shy to go to doctor and tell my problem. Pls let me know how I can increase my penis length.

If you help me on this I will be very grateful to you.

Chittagong, Bangladesh

From: Dr. Bashir Mahmud Ellias (bashirmahmudellias@hotmail.com)
Sent: Wed 10/13/10 1:36 AM
To: cloth3uk@ymail.com

Aassalamu Aallaikum (The blessings and mercy of almighty ALLAH be upon you). Thank you so much for giving me chance to serve you.


(1) Alfalfa Q

(Take this homeopathic medicine 30 drops daily morning for 06 months. (mixing with some water)

(2) Lecithinum 6

(Take this homeopathic medicine 10 drops every night for 03 months. (mixing with some water)

(3) Thyroidinum 30

(Take this homeopathic medicine 10 pills once in everyday friday for 06 months ). (mixing with some water)

Try to buy Germany or U.S.A. made medicine. Stop the medicine for a few days if your disease condition aggravates. Do not change my recommendation on potency and dose, otherwise you may get no benefit. But you can take the nearest potency if the recommended potency is not available in the local market. Yea, it is better to take all homeopathic medicines in empty stomach ; but you can take them after meal if you forget. Write to me after 2 months with a detailed account of changes you got from the medicine. (eat animal foods like egg, meat, milk, fat etc as much as possible. You must refrain from masturbation and other evil practice. )

warm regards

Dr. Bashir Mahmud Ellias


Author: bashirmahmudellias

I am an Author, Design specialist, Islamic researcher, Homeopathic consultant.

9 thoughts on “How I can increase my penis length

  1. hi, i m from bangladesh. i leave in dhaka. where i can get those medicine to increase penise. i have the same prob. plz give the informatin and help me out from the problem. thnx. waiting for ur mali.

  2. hi sir i am 28 years old now resently mearid my penice is small please help me to increaz

  3. hi sir iam yunus iam 28 year old my penice is to small pleas hellp me to incrise

  4. hi. sir i am 28 years old now resently maried an my pince is small please hellp me to increz sir

  5. dear sir, i am with a problem thatis my penis erect size is 5 inch so i cant satisfy my wife how can i increase that please help out me . Tnx

  6. penis groth how many medicine ??

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