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Common misconceptions about homeopathy

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Common misconceptions about homeopathy

Jamil Ahmed January 6 at 9:16am Report
Do you think practising allopathy is haram (forbidden) in ISLAM ? I love to read your articles brother.

Bashir Mahmud Ellias January 8 at 2:04pm
many thanks….. Nothing is haraam (forbidden) in islam either practicing naturopathy, allopathy or homeopathy. But the essential matter is that every healer must learn the side-effects of his medicines (and other healing procedures) more than their effects. People come to them for relieve ; not for further damage. Always remember that ignorance and negligence will lead a physician to hellfire.

Jamil Ahmed January 8 at 7:21pm Report
i am on FCPS training in child hospital, so when we use antibiotics for pneumonia, typhoid fever etc then this time will homeopathy act upon them ?

Jamil Ahmed January 8 at 7:23pm Report
why allopathy and homeopathy can’t be come into same platform ? I personally like homeoapathy,

Bashir Mahmud Ellias January 10 at 3:06pm
In 99.9% cases, homeopathic medicines do not interact with other medicines. So you can use them together. There are many many physicians in our country and also in other countries, who practice both allopathy and homeopathy together. Nowadays the outcry for integrated medicine is getting prominent. We can hope for the best.

Jamil Ahmed January 10 at 4:46pm Report
can you give any allopath doctor phone no. who is practising homeopahty ? why homeopathy doctors do not give prescription ?

Bashir Mahmud Ellias January 12 at 4:00pm
As far as i know, 50% homeopath gives prescription. Rest others don’t give prescription rather they keep their patients record themselves. In homeopathic treatment of chronic diseases (and even in acute diseases) we need to change the medicines and their dose & potency very frequently (according to the change of patient’s symptoms). If patients get the prescription, they start taking medicines in allopathic way, which sometimes causes terrible harm. Go to a homeo college (farmgate, jaykali mandir, mirpore-14) and you will get many allo-homeo doctor. Some are professor and some even principal of homeoo college. The inventor of homeopathy (and several dozens scientist who sacrificed their life developing and spreading homeopathy) all allopathic professor.

Bashir Mahmud Ellias January 12 at 4:03pm
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Jamil Ahmed January 12 at 8:31pm Report
thank you

Jamil Ahmed January 13 at 10:15am Report
If homeopathy can cure cancer then why homeopaths in our country do not make arrangement seminar with invitation of media like newspaper and electronic media to inform people regarding this ?

Jamil Ahmed January 13 at 10:16am Report
why homeopaths in our country do not inform government about it’s utility ?

Bashir Mahmud Ellias January 13 at 11:58am
Probably you know that it is two hundred years ago when Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (MD) invented Homeopathy, (although he was an allopath, still) about 90% allopathic physician rejected this new invention (for its apparently mystic & anti-allopathic theory). At the same time, all allopathic journals also boycot homeopathy. Still there was many worldwide recognized homeopathic journals during the first one hundred years of homeopathy. But the last one hundred years was the fall of homeopathy. You know homeopathy was a violent revolution in the medical field and scholars say that every revolution loses its spirit after one century.

For the clinical success and popularity of homeopathy (during its first one hundred years of invention), allopathy was near its complete elimination from the major parts of the world. Historical statistics say that in 1895 in Europe and America, there were more homeopathic hospital & dispensary than allopathic. Then the allopathic doctors (who were/are majority) were united (AMA) to destroy homeopathy & they achieve success by using their govt. (administrative) power. Homeopathy was almost reduced to zero by reducing govt. financial help and imposing various tyrannical law. In destroying homeopathy, allopathic multinational pharmaceutical companies played greater role than allopathic doctors. Because homeopathic medicines are very very cheap (and lacks commercial importance) and (if homeopathy become the mainstream medicine) bigpharma were terrified of losing their billion dollar business. Now homeopathy is again emerging as a medical science of future for the truths it bears (and also for the failure of allopathy to solve the current vital health problems).

Jamil Ahmed January 13 at 5:09pm Report
If homeopathy can cure cancer then why homeopaths in our country do not make arrangement seminar with invitation of media like news print and electronic media to inform people regarding this ?

Bashir Mahmud Ellias January 14 at 9:12pm
Homeopathy is passing very hardtimes since more than a century and the difficult time has not yet ended. And when a group go through hardtime, they begin lacking unity, strong association, powerful institution, charismatic leaderships and even calibre. Homeopaths are not curing cancer very recently ; rather they are doing this since last two centuries. Big pharma’s trillion dollar anti-homeopathic propagation for more than a century has brought such an effect that most of the people and journalists has become skeptic on homeopathy. That’s why murder of an unknown girl gets more coverage in the media than homeopathy. Planned propagation has turned poison into honey and honey to poison. Moreover, the health feature page of a newspaper and medical programmes of a tv channel are always supervised by an allopath. That’s why our articles and programmes are thrown to the dustbin. It is the internet which homeopaths can use without restrictions. Still homeopaths are trying to reach the people through every media with their poor financial ability. Govt. (Polititians) will not show any positive attitude towards homeopathy for their prevailing misconceptions and also for the fear of fierce opposition from allopaths.

Jamil Ahmed January 16 at 10:01pm Report
assalam vai, I found from the internet that in India many conventional and homeopathic consultant work together. If it can happen in our country then patient will get more benefit. I believe maximum doctor in our country are ignorant about homeopathy. Only Allah knows how they will know about the real fact of homeopathy. I think if senior homeopath will come forward to make understand the senior allopath doctor then the problem will be solved to a large extent. what do you think ? I personally believe not every senior allopath doctor are not selfish or adamant about homeopathy.

Bashir Mahmud Ellias January 18 at 3:24pm
As I have early mentioned, most of the homeopathic leaders are lacking in calibre. They have occupied the leading position by using money and muscle. if they had the genius to convince the senior allopath, it would have serve the suffering humanity a great deal. I will try in this regard as much as possible for me and request you to act in similar way.

Jamil Ahmed January 20 at 10:53pm Report
i have admitted myself in DHMS in Bangladesh Homeopathic Medical college,but i do not get enough time to go there regularly. what do you think if i can do it or not ?

Bashir Mahmud Ellias January 23 at 8:13pm
Don’t worry about completing the DHMS course, its so easy. There are very very thin notebooks and other charming facilities in this regard. Moreover allopathic doctors get exemption from studing nearly 50% subjects in DHMS course which they have studied in MBBS. But to become a homeopathic expert, you should study three books (the organon of medicine, The chronic diseases & Dictionary of practical Materia medica) only one time (must with deep attention). Then you should seriously study the clinical cases of kent and burnett. They were the two great scientists of homeopathy (with opposite qualities). Kent was high potency prescriber and Burnett was low potency prescriber. When you are aquaint with the contribution of these two great guys, then you will get a real HOMEOPATHIC EYE.


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