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i want to increase my weight

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i want to increase my weight

Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2011 03:48:27 -0700

From: abcd…@yahoo.com

Subject: i want to increase my weight

To: bashirmahmudellias@hotmail.com


Dr.sahab my name is sania khan after 5 mnths my wedding ceremony.but i m so upset becouse bfore 2 mnths my weight is lose my age is 23 my hight is 5.4 but my weight is just 40,i m feeling weekness ,i don’t feel hungry..now i want to increase my weight and be healthy.and want healthy life .plz suggest me medicine .


waiting for answer

Dr. Bashir Mahmud Ellias


To abcd…@yahoo.com

From: Dr. Bashir Mahmud Ellias (bashirmahmudellias@hotmail.com)

Sent: Sat 6/25/11 12:51 AM

To: abcd….@yahoo.com

Aassalamu Aallaikum (The blessings and mercy of almighty ALLAH be upon you). Thank you so much for giving me opportunity to serve you.


(1) Alfalfa Q

(Take this homeopathic medicine 20 drops daily in the morning for 3 months).

(2) Kali phos 3x

(Take this homeopathic medicine 05 pills daily in the evening for 3 months).

(3) Zincum metallicum 10M

(Take this homeopathic medicine 1 drop / 10 pills one dose in one moth and in this way you will take maximum 3 dose in three months. )

Try to buy Germany or U.S.A. made medicine. Stop the medicine for a few days if your disease condition aggravates. Do not change my recommendation on potency and dose, otherwise you may get no benefit. But you can take the nearest potency if the recommended potency is not available in the local market. Yea, it is better to take all homeopathic medicines in empty stomach ; but you can take them after meal if you forget. Write to me after 5 weeks with a detailed account of changes you got from the medicine and then i will prescribe new medicines if necessary. Eat animal foods like egg, meat, milk, fat etc as much as possible.

warm regards

Dr. Bashir Mahmud Ellias


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