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Prescription for Polycystic ovary

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Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2012 12:46:58 +0530
From: dcosta…..@yahoo.com
Subject: Polycystic Cyst
To: bashirmahmudellias@hotmail.com

Dear Dr. Bashir

I am attaching herewith a sonography report of daugher who has been suffering from the above for almost 6 years. On 1st of Nover 2011 she was operated for a Mysentric cyst which located on her fallopian tube which removed during surgery. After 4 month of the operation she again developed a cyst in here ovaries. I have numerous sonography repots which indicated cysts in here ovaries due to which she was getting pain the abdomen. Her period cycles were very irregular with heavy bleeding for days to together and than reappear after four months or so. She also developed rash over here eyelids and on consulting a Skin specialist, I was given to understand by the Skin specialist that this skin ailment was due to Polycstic cyst. How can you help to get rid of the cysts and the skin ailment for ever.

Awaiting for you reply.


Author: bashirmahmudellias

I am an Author, Design specialist, Islamic researcher, Homeopathic consultant.

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