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Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and its homeopathic Self treatment scheme


thyroid.jpgHashimoto’s thyroiditis and its homeopathic Self treatment scheme
Self treatment scheme for Hashimoto’s thyroiditis

Dear all,

Take these seven homeopathic medicines (as a cure for Hashimoto’s thyroiditis) according to my direction. I am optimistic that my formula will give a full cure for 99% of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis patients. You should take each of these medicines every time for one week only. Take these medicines repeatedly in a cyclical way (i.e. after no.- 7  start again from no.- 1). All the rules and regulations are same for the kids and teens. Yea, it is better to take all homeopathic medicines in empty stomach ; but you can take them after meal if you forget. You can take these homeopathic medicines along with other allopathic or herbal medicines (whether they may be tablet, capsule or injection). It will not cause any trouble. But it is better to take all homeopathic medicines half an hour before or after other medicines. Try to buy Germany or U.S.A. made medicines.

You can exclude any of these seven medicines if it seems don’t helping or causing undesirable side-effects (like acidity, allergy, pain, vomiting etc) or is not available in the local market. Continue rest of the medicines according to their suggested order or serial. Do not change my recommendation on potency and dose, but you can take the nearest (and the lowest) potency if the recommended potency is not available in the local market. In homeopathic potencies, Q means mother tincture, that means the lowest potency (that means one or zero). As we all know, the lowest potencies (like Q, 3X, 6X, 12X, 30X, 200X, 3C, 6C, 3, 6 etc) usually causes less side-effects. You should know that the names of the homeopathic medicines are universal (that means they could be found with the same name in every country). Always try to buy liquid medicines and take them mixing with water ; because homeopathic medicines are more effective in liquid form. In some rare cases, you may need to consult a homeopathic specialist to be able to use more precisely selected medicines (which best suit with your physical and mental make-up). You will need to take these medicines at least six months (or little longer) for a full cure. Inshallah, My FORMULA will reverse your biological system to it’s previous good condition. When you are free from Hashimoto’s thyroiditis (and other related complications), then stop these seven medicines.

Many people are writing to me enquiring how to collect these homeopathic medicines. These eleven homeopathic medicines are actually the most common homeo medicines. You can buy them from any homeopathic pharmacy. As far as I know, homeopathic medicines are available in most of the major cities in the world. If these are not available in your area, then you can collect them by ordering to many companies over e-mail. In this regards, these following three links may greatly help you :-

1. http://hpathy.com/homeopathy-pharmacies/
2. http://www.hmedicine.com/homeopathic/single_remedies
3. http://bashirmahmudellias.blogspot.com/2009/01/great-homeopathic-dispensaries-in-dhaka.html


(1) Thuja occidentalis 30C/30CH/30/200/200C/200CH
(Take this homeopathic medicine 5 drops / 5 pills only one dose in the friday night.)
(2) Kali iodatum 30C/30CH/30/200/200C/200CH (Take this homeopathic medicine 5 drops / 5 pills only one dose in the next friday morning.)
(3) Lachesis 30C/30CH/30/200/200C/200CH
(Take this homeopathic medicine 5 drops / 5 pills only one dose in the next friday morning.)
(4) Tuberculinum 30C/30CH/30/200/200C/200CH
(Take this homeopathic medicine 5 drops / 5 pills only one dose in the next friday night.)
(5) Nitricum Acidum 30C/30CH/30/200/200C/200CH
(Take this homeopathic medicine 5 drops / 5 pills only one dose in the next friday morning.)
(6) Sulphur 30C/30CH/30/200/200C/200CH
(Take this homeopathic medicine 5 drops / 5 pills only one dose in the next friday morning.)
(7) Natrum Muriaticum 30C/30CH/30/200/200C/200CH
(Take this homeopathic medicine 5 drops / 5 pills only one dose in the next friday night. Now again start taking from no. 1 medicine in similar rules. Take these medicines for six months or untill you are cured.)

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Author: bashirmahmudellias

I am an Author, Design specialist, Islamic researcher, Homeopathic consultant.

2 thoughts on “Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and its homeopathic Self treatment scheme

  1. Assalam O Alikum!

    Doctor Sb,

    I was really delighted to read your blog and your homeopathic prescriptions of various diseases….May Allah give you jaza for all the work you are doing for the betterment of mankind….Doctor sahab my wife is suffering from hypothyroidism since last 4 years. After continuous treatment of thyroxine (alloepathic medicine) here level were somewhat controlled, mostly varying and doctors were trying to control them by varying the quantity of the medicine. Until recently her levels shoot up like one month back her TSH came out to be 15, T3 and T4 were almost within limits…then on prescription of doctors we did Anit-Thyroid Peroxidase test from a reputable laboratory in Pakistan, the levels were disturbing > 1000 IU/mL whereas the permissible limits are less than 35 IU/mL. The high levels of this test are indicative of her disease Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. She is still taking thyroxine but that is only an artificial way to fulfil the deficiency of T3 and T4 hormones. Aloepathy has no permanent cure for this disease; then I did some online research and saw your blog on this disease. I have few questions, I would be grateful if you can answer them:-

    1. Homeopathy treatment will inshAllah cure the disease 100%, can you kindly elaborate is there any side affects of the medicines mentioned above?

    2. You have suggested seven medicines (I hope i will be able to get all of these from Pakistan Local market) that is medicine-1 she should take 5 drops in small amount of water in the morning before breakfast and keep on taking same medicine-1 for complete week, and then start with medicine-2, again 5 drops in morning for second week, is my understanding correct?

    3. These medicine are intended to stimulate the thyroid gland to perform its normal functioning?

    4. From the blood results, as well as her symptoms, I think it is quite evident she has Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, do you recommend any further test to verify the disease? Her symptoms are:-
    (a) Initial 6 months her thyroid gland was swollen and was evident from the neck, now it has reduced.
    (b) She is feeling tiredness, fatigued, mood swings easily gets angry, Haemoglobin level is 8 (HB), headaches

    5. If she does not have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, are these medicine still valid for hypothyroidism?

    I would be really grateful for your Help in this regard…May Allah bless you with sawab, good health, success and happiness and give you the courage and resources to help the mankind in a similar fashion…



    Allah Hafiz

  2. Assalam O Alikum Doctor Sahib,

    I have done some more research on Hashimotos Thyroiditis and I have found following homeopathic prescription regarding this disease:-

    a) Lapis alba 3x potency

    b) Thyroidinum 3x, 4x, 6x, 6C

    c) Bromium 6 (banerjis protocol)

    d) Kali iod 6

    e) Lycopus ver 3x, 6x, 6C

    f) Aur mur neonatrum 3x,4x,6x

    g) Ars iod 3x, 4x, 6x

    h) Echineacea 6C

    I) Fucus vesiculosis 6C

    Does this prescription correspond to your recommendations?

    What is the difference, kindly elaborate?



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