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3 thoughts on “Mind

  1. I am having bipolar mood disorder since 1996. i am taking encorate 300mg, oplpin 5 and eprams 10 now since months. since past15 yrs i was taking other medicine eg lithum etc and changing doctors. i am also having diabetes since 1996. for diabetes now i am taking diamicron 500 twice 6 months. i am having since 3 yrs for bp and am taking met tab xl 25 mg,. i am also having acidity (heartburn,gas etc) since 3 yrs and for acidity i am taking pantodac dsr/zolpanc/pan d. Morever, i am also having left ear drum perforation due to injury. sometimes puss discharge also comes out. & docs have advised surgery and i am taking anti-allergy drug (xyzal). I have tried several homeopaths but to no avail. pl help & solve my all problems through homeopathic.

  2. Excellent help

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